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Charlene's Beads

Christmas Patterns

Christmas is a time for giving.  Therefore, I have designed four extra patterns for you: one in Peyote, and three in Brick Stitch.  These can be made into pins, earrings, a pendant or incorporated into a bag.  Whatever you decide to do with them, I hope you enjoy them.  If you do make something, please show me a picture.  You can send it to me via e-mail.  Merry Christmas!!


Christmas Tree in Peyote


    Christmas Tree in Brick Stitch


Santa in Brick Stitch


Rosy Cheeked Santa in Brick Stitch







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All designs are original designs by, and the property of, Charlene Booth.. You may use these designs for personal use only. These patterns may not be used for any form of monetary gain without prior written consent from the owner, Charlene Booth. Copyright December 24, 1997. All rights reserved. Charlene Booth.



Copyright December 24, 1997. Charlene Booth.